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Winter Tires – Time to Take them off is NOW!

Summer vs Winter

The First week in April is the best time of year to take off those Winter Tires and put on the 3 Season Tires.

https://putneys.ca//wp-content/uploads/2017/04/tires-300x169.jpg The average temperature is now above the freezing point. The cold winter storms are behind us. (Fingers Crossed!) The Rubber composite of Snow Tires, Winter Tires or ‘Cold Weather’ Tires is designed to operate the best below +7 degrees Celsius. Winter tires are made of a softer rubber that grips the snow and ice better then all season tires at colder temperatures, this softer rubber will wear out much faster in warmer weather.

https://putneys.ca//wp-content/uploads/2017/04/tsi_winter_tyres_stopping_distance-300x149.jpgIt is also about your safety!

Braking in winter tires in warmer weather can also extend the distance it takes to stop 7 metres at 100/km on dry roads and 9.5 metres on wet roads. Speaking about safety it is now best practice to install winter tires in sets of four and not in pairs as was recommended years ago. The ABS brake systems in your newer vehicles depend on accurate feedback from tire slippage to bring your vehicle to a quick and safe stop in an emergency braking situation. Having two different types of tire treads and rubber composites guarantees that one set of tires will stop faster than the other set. This will cause erroneous measurements of the road condition and cause the ABS and Traction Control Systems to over react and can cause the vehicle to extend its braking distance.

Save on Your Insurance!

Many Canadian Insurance Companies have come to realize the benefits of clients that use four winter tires during the winter months. They offer a great discount on insurance for those who choose to be safe. They require proof that you install the tires in a timely fashion and remove them in the spring months. Your Putney’s Invoice and Digital Video Inspection is a great way to prove this.

At Putney’s we know tires.

https://putneys.ca//wp-content/uploads/2017/04/tire-gauge-1-300x225.jpg We can advise you on the proper type of tires needed for your vehicle. We have multiple supplier channels to source and supply you with the proper type of tire for your vehicle. We also have a great line of Winter rims and the technology to clone your current TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors) into the rims for a seamless transition from Winter to Spring and Fall to Winter. Like to do your own research? Check out our online ‘Find My Tires!” Website. You can source out the best tires for your ride, check out all the specs, get an estimate, order them and have them shipped to us for installation. Check it out at https://putneys.ca//find-my-tires/

Need some Space? Tire Hotel

Tire Hotel Space a little tight around your home? We have tire storage. We have a great relationship with The Tire Hotel, a local company that will pick your tires up and take them to a huge climate controlled tire warehouse to store your tires for the off-season. You will receive a personal login and report from them including photos of the tires and treads. You can have the tires shipped back to us before your Seasonal Tire Changeover appointment or we can do it for you. This is a great resource for insurance proof that you use Winter Tires and if you need proof how good your tires were in any legal issue. Sell your vehicle? Have the tires transferred to the new owner or bring the new owners in and introduce them to your favorite garage.


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