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Transmission – Hard shift / Shudder / Slip.


A Transmission Replacement is a very Expensive Repair for your vehicle.

The transmission is a massively complicated series of meshing hydraulic parts driven by the applied pressure and vacuum through transmission fluid. Transmission Fluid breaks down over time and collects contaminants and debris that reduces the fluids ability to transfer hydraulic pressure to shift smoothly and to lubricate and disperse temperature from the constantly moving parts.

Regular preventative maintenance can prolong the life of your transmission and improve performance.

Putney’s has teamed up with B.G. Automotive Products to bring our clients the best quality cleaners and modifiers.

  • Slipping
  • Hard shifting
  • Chattering


  • Dissolves and suspends deposits
  • Rids all old fluid and suspended debris
  • Installs new automatic transmission fluid
  • Fortifies new fluid with seal conditioners, oxidation inhibitors and shift improvers


  • No deposit formation
  • Restored transmission performance
  • Longer transmission life

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