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Transmission Fluid Service


What is the function of the transmission?

Put simply the transmission takes the power of the engine and transfers it to move the wheels of the vehicle. A more complicated explanation involves the use of planetary gears and a torque convertor that work with a fluid connection that change the gear ratio of the torque that will allow the vehicle to move much faster without the need for the engine to over exert. The transmission works by transferring the rotating energy of the torque convertor through the transmission fluid to push the planetary gears into the correct position to create proper ratio to allow the vehicle to increase or decrease in speed in a smooth controlled fashion.

https://putneys.ca//wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Transmission-Color-Chart-300x300.jpgWhy should we service or exchange our transmission fluid?

The transfer of energy through a fluid creates extreme heat. The transmission fluid over time will heat up and cool off many times causing the fluid viscosity to thin out and become ineffective. It is also the lubricant of the internal moving parts of the transmission and picks up any contaminants, debris from the metal gears and the clutch plates and deposits them in the transmission fluid filter. This fluid and filter need to be cleaned or replaced to keep the transmission working at optimum performance and avoid internal damage.

When should we service the transmission fluid?

We recommend the transmission service should be performed at least every 80,000 km or 2 yrs. The car manufacturer suggested maintenance schedules vary drastically and we believe are not in the best interest to our customers that wish to keep their vehicles for 8 or more years. Some manufacturers now advertise a lifetime non serviceable transmission. We have researched this and cannot find any transmission fluid for sale in the dealership or aftermarket that advertises a Lifetime longivity. So you need to ask yourself do I want to replace my fluid now or a transmission down the road.

What type of service should we get for our vehicles?

There are three main transmission service options to choose from that offer the most effective removal of containments and fluid with least amount of disturbance of transmission system. The design of your vehicles transmission will determine the course of action

  1. Transmission Pan removal, replacement of the filter and full fluid drain and refill of the system. This traditional service is not an option on many of the vehicles built in the last 10 years.
  2. Fluid drain and refill. All though this is the fastest and cheapest option it is also the most ineffective as only about 40 percent of the fluid is actually removed with a majority of the fluid and debris remaining inside the transmission.
  3. https://putneys.ca//wp-content/uploads/2019/06/transtech-vi-300x225.jpg Fluid exchange using an advance machine removes old fluid from one side of the transmission while injecting new fluid in the other. The exchange is repeated until only the new fluid shows up on the drain side. This process is the most effective and removes 99.9% of the old transmission fluid. By adding a transmission cleaner/conditioner prior to the exchange we can breakdown the buildup of sludge and debris and adds a conditioning of the seals of the transmission to prolong the life of the transmission and avoid a costly rebuild cost.

Putney’s purchased a transmission fluid exchange machine in 2018 and would be happy to discuss and book your vehicle in for this important maintenance service, Please call us to discuss or email us below.

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