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Tire Storage in Hamilton, ON

tire storageWe all are used to the Canadian winters where unexpected weather can happen at a moment’s notice. Thus, majority of our clients have 2 sets of tires: a set designated for winter driving, and a set for driving through all the other seasons.

One set of tires is always on your vehicle, but where is your 2nd set? Each type of tire is designed and manufactured to perform in certain driving conditions. Winter tires are ideal for cold weather, wet or snowy driving conditions. Summer tires perform best in dry, warm climates.

During the opposite seasons, where are you storing your tires? Are they in your garage? In your basement? Maybe left outside in the backyard?

Proper tire storage can help extend the life of your tires drastically. At Putney’s Brake & Alignment we offer seasonal tire storage to all of our customers. Trust us to take care of your investment during the off months with proper tire storage at a reasonable price!

Our location provides onsite tire storage that is safe and easily accessible at any time! Any tires being stored with us are cataloged and labelled to keep everyone’s tires organized. We offer an indoor, dry and secure area that keeps your tires away from the elements that can affect your tires performance.

To properly store your tires, call Putney’s Brake & Alignment. Tire storage availability per season is limited, so call today to reserve your spot!

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