The Putney's Crew

At Putney’s we are a ‘CREW’ of experienced service advisors and providers.  Our highly trained, full licensed automotive technicians and apprentices treat your vehicle with respect and care to ensure that you are an informed and satisfied owner of a safe and well maintained vehicle.  Modern equipment and up to date training of all our staff mixed with the old school knowledge makes for excellent problem solving solutions. Our attention to detail and pride in our workmanship has kept families coming back to us for generations.

Donald Richmond

Donald Richmond – Service Manager

Don is a long time industry workhorse. Holding multiple ‘red seal’ automotive licenses and working many aspects of the automotive industry Don joined the Putney’s Crew as the service manager in 2008 and has been the smiling face at the front counter ever since.  A Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces Don still has the energy of people half his age and shows us up every day.  Don’s knowledge, cheerful demeanor, honesty and straight forward approach have made him a huge asset to our clients and our company.

John Cote

John Cote – Service Manager

John is a seasoned service advisor with a vast automotive knowledge base.  Dedicated to Customer Service and Satisfaction, John will deliver the Putney’s Experience every time and will ensure our customers are the most informed car owners in the Hammer.  John is a family man and a local race car enthusiast.

Louis Mooney

Louis Mooney – Senior Automotive Technician

A life-long member of the Putney’s Crew! Louis came to work for Doug at seventeen and has remained a key element of the company success for over forty years.  Starting out pushing a broom, Louis worked his way up quickly. He attended school and worked nights to earn a 310B license.  His knowledge and expertise with steering and suspension components has earned him a well-deserved reputation as the Best Alignment Technician in Hamilton.  His problem solving has successful appeased many customers that came to Putney’s on a referral from another repair garage.  When other mechanics say “I know a guy!”  They are probably talking about Louis.  Louis doesn’t like to admit it but he is an excellent mentor to our fresher staff members.

Douglas Love

Douglas Love – Senior Automotive Technician

The second longest serving employee of the Putney’s Crew.  Doug came to work at Putney’s in the early 1980’s until 1992 and came back to the family in 1997.  He holds both a Class 310S and Class 310T license allowing him to work on cars, pickups, buses and transports.  A skilled electrical expert he is very often found diagnosing complicated vehicle electronic issues with A.B.S., air conditioning, engine run ability and control systems.  Doug is also well trained in performing M.T.O safety inspections and repairs on all kinds of vehicles including trailers.  He is our go to technician for diagnosing brake issues and vibration and noise concerns.

Regan McNeil

Regan McNeil – Licensed 310S Technician

Regan came to the Putney’s Crew in 2012 as one of the many High School Co-op Students we have sponsored over the years.  She worked her way though the 310S Apprenticeship program and has earned a Red Seal 310s Technician Certification.  From the first day she showed a passion for the industry and was offered an apprenticeship before her Co-op placement was complete.  Her dedication to learning and commitment to Putney’s has renewed our faith in the younger generation.  She has taken on and learned many aspects of vehicle repairs and maintenance including becoming very good at fabrication and welding of chassis and unit body.

Gerald Domke

Gerald Domke – Automotive Technician

Gerald joined the crew in the fall of 2016.  He is a very knowledgeable licensed 310s technician he tackles our challenging vehicles big and small with a determined smile and an attention to detail.  He is proving to be an excellant asset to our talented crew.

Ethan Stire

Ethan Stire – Licensed 310s Apprentice

Ethan is now an apprentice on our crew.  He came to work for us as a Co-Op Student from Churchill High School in 2017 and after graduation joined us as an apprentice in July 2018.   A hard working individual that gets along with the staff. He is very proficient at different styles of welding and metal fabrication. He is showing a great deal of interest in steering and suspension and learning the ‘Old School’ Alignment Process.  He has some great potential going forward in this industry as his experience and confidence grows. Ethan will be attending Mohawk College 8 week block training program starting in August 2019.

Jason Moore – Licensed 310s Apprentice

Jason Moore came to work for us as a Co-Op Student from Churchill High School in 2018 and was signed up as an O.Y.A.P. apprentice in January 2019.  He has already attended Mohawk on an advanced training program for eight weeks and is showing some extreme promise.. He is also very proficient at different styles of welding and metal fabrication. He has a keen interest in. brakes, steering and suspension and learning the ‘Old School’ Alignment Process.  He has great potential going forward in this industry as his experience and confidence grows.

Jaskaran Singh – Licensed 310s Apprentice

Jaskaran Singh came to work for us in April 2019 after graduating the Mohawk College Motive Power 2 year program.  He is now licensed in the 310S Apprenticeship program gaining hands on experience and knowledge in all aspects of automotive service.  A very pleasant person to interact with he is very thorough in his inspections and investigations.

Edwin White

Edwin White – CO-OP O.Y.A.P. Apprentice 1st Year

Edwin White is our latest employee to enter the Putney’s workforce.

As a O.Y.A.P. Apprentice Edwin is attending both Cathedral High School and Mohawk College in the 310s automotive certification process.  An Enthusiastic young man at the beginning of a life-long career.

Paul Crossman

Paul Crossman – Owner

Literally growing up in the pits from a toddler to a teenager, Paul came back to work in the family business in 1992 after attending Sheridan College’s Business Administration program.  As Service Manager Paul Learned from the most experienced mentors in the industry and by spending many nights and weekends upgrading his automotive experience.  Paul and the Crew have consistently moved the company forward with the changes in the industry and kept the quality service up to date and a vital resource for other local repair shops.  Paul purchased the company from his father and mentor in 2008.  Paul is an active local Rotarian and a mentor for local robotics teams, former board member for Crime Stoppers of Hamilton and Scouter for a few Hamilton Scout Groups.  You may also recognize him as a volunteer with numerous events over the years. He can currently been found as the customer shuttle driver, car washer, blogger and many random support staff positions as required. (He makes coffee and brings the cookies!)

Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic Schools
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
Mohawk College

Co-op Students and Junior Apprentice

By bringing Secondary School Co-Op students into the business for a few hours a day we hope to interest them in the exciting trade and give them a taste of working in the hands on field.  We try to bring one new Co-Op student in each semester and work on developing them into a summer student or a full time apprentice if and when they show us the desire to continue.


We are always looking for our next Crew Member

If you would like to send us your resume we would gladly accept it and review your potential.  Email them to or Fax to: 905 521-2992