Due to the ongoing and ever changing dynamics of the Covid-19 Pandemic it has proven necessary to alter our Health and Safety procedures as new guidelines are released. The safety of our clients, employees and vendors remains our primary concern. Please continue to call or communicate with our office before coming into the office. Pre-scheduling of work will remain a necessity for the foreseeable future. – Paul Crossman

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Summer Maintenance and Tire Packages

Pre-Vacation Inspections – Preventative Maintenance

Photo by Hannah Nelson from Pexels The summer is traditionally the travelling months for many families. Sports, Vacations and Camping activities get us out the door and down the road. This is also a good time to check the safety of your vehicle. A vacation can be ruined with a surprise breakdown of your vehicle when you are far from home and often at the mercy of unscrupulous establishments or in areas where no qualified technicians are available. This is why we strongly urge our customers to get a pre-flight maintenance inspection and service before embarking on their adventures. There is an old saying that works very well in the auto repair industry “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure” For every $1 spent on preventative maintenance on your vehicle can save you around $100 in repairs. We like to check the vehicles vital signs for potential breakdown issues as well as inform you the customer about what the function of different fluids and parts are so you better understand why it should be serviced regularly.

Photo by Hannah Nelson from Pexels

https://putneys.ca//wp-content/uploads/2016/12/autoserve-1-e1517250945447-300x129.jpg Digital Video Vehicle Inspections

Putney’s is now using the AutoServe1 – D.V.V.I. tablets. We perform a full vehicle inspection on state of the art tablets. The inspections including photos and videos can be sent to your Cell Phones, Tablets or Computers. The inspection highlights areas of concern and shows you the good things about the maintenance needs of your vehicle. It is the closest thing to being under the vehicle with the technician without getting dirty. The report also includes helpful explanations about the different parts of the vehicle and why it is necessary to keep it in good condition. This is a complimentary service that we offer with most maintenance packages.

Tires & Alignment Packages

https://putneys.ca//wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Tire-Connect-Logo-2016_200.jpg Nothing is more annoying on a long drive than when your vehicle just doesn’t want to roll smoothly down the highway. A pull in the steering, high speed vibration, a squeal in your brakes or a constant droning noise from your tires can turn a pleasant experience into an irritating trip of torture. For decades Putney’s has been Hamilton’s Ride Experts. We identify and remove these annoyances by replacing or balancing tires, performing 0ld school alignments and servicing brakes. Drive train drone noises are sometimes difficult to find but the client’s comfort is our motivation. If your tires have over 80,000 km they may still have wearable life on them but they may also have become worn and soft and not operating at an optimal level for your liking. We can research and find you the best fit out of numerous brands and configurations. If you would like to check it out yourself you can use our online tire sourcing app tied directly to our company booking system. Find My Tires. Any new set of tires purchased through Putney’s is eligible for a free season of tire storage.

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