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We are Your Experienced Crew of Honest and Professional Automotive Technicians. At Putney’s we can provide you and your vehicle a full range diagnostic, maintenance and repair services including engine, cooling, brakes, steering, suspension and vehicle electronic/electrical systems.  We continue to provide the friendly and helpful customer service experience just like Frank did in 1930 and strive to use up-to-date training, tools and equipment to meet the needs of your modern vehicle’s ever advancing technologies.  We are affiliated with BG Automotive Products a Top Shelf vehicle provider of vehicle maintenance cleaners and conditioners that come with their Life Time Protection Plan   Call and Ask us about it today or Book Online.

The Antilock Brake System (A.B.S.) and Electronic Steering Control (E.S.C.) are important safety systems on today’s modern vehicle.  When either of these lights flash or stay on while driving it is an indication that something is potentially unsafe with your vehicle.  The dash light is telling you that something is reading outside the normal operation of the vehicle.  This could be an sensor or communication fault or it could be an warning that a physical part on your vehicle is not working properly.  We have the training and the equipment to properly diagnose and repair your A.B.S. issues.

Cabin temperature is not only an important comfort issue for you and your family but it is also an important safety issue.  The H.V.A.C. system that brings cold or hot air to you is intertwined with the engine cooling system, the vehicle electrical system and the vehicle computer system.  A leak in the heat/cooling system is a leak in the engine cooling system and can a great deal of harm to your engine. An unaddressed fault in your Air Conditioning circuit could cause issues with the engine’s run ability, the window defrost circuit, the serpentine belt alignment and the power distribution network.  We have the latest in Air Conditioning testing and recharging equipment to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Although we do not have an in house windshield replacement expert we do know one that makes house calls.  We also are experienced in repairing and replacing door windows, regulators, winders, locks and handles.

We do not do Autobody repair but we have some excellent references to local garages that can take care of your vehicle bumper to bumper.

We are affiliated with BG Automotive Products a Top Shelf vehicle provider of vehicle maintenance cleaners and conditioners that come with their Life Time Protection Plan

The Battery is a key factor in the vehicle and one that seems to fail sometimes with no warning.  A proper testing of the charging system and a little preventative maintenance can keep you from getting stuck when you least expect it.

We strongly believe that the brakes are the most important safety device on your vehicle.  We would prefer a vehicle can stop over a vehicle that can start.

The Battery is a key factor in the vehicle and one that seems to fail sometimes with no warning.  A proper testing of the charging system and a little preventative maintenance can keep you from getting stuck when you least expect it.

The advancement of computers in the automotive industry is overwhelming at times.  The need to scan, diagnose and repair computer and electronic communications from one part of the vehicle to the other is the majority of the training we are constantly updating.

The cooling system is an enclosed circuit for collecting and dissipating engine heat and for keeping the vehicle cabin at an acceptable temperature.  It is also prone to rust and corrosion.  It is best to exchange your engine coolant at regular intervals.  This is a maintenance we perform along with most repairs to worn out parts of the coolant system.

The latest and most powerful tool in a technician’s arsenal is the DVI tablet.  We can perform and send a client a full colour report of their vehicle including pictures, videos and recommendations for repairs and maintenance.  It is like crawling under your vehicle but you don’t have to get dirty or out of your comfy chair.  Make sure we have an up to date email and cell number to fully utilize this amazing technology.

Driveshafts, CV Shafts, U Joints, Transmission, Transaxles, Differentials, Axles, Wheel Bearings and Seals. We service, maintain and repair the Drivetrains of most vehicles

Electrical is quickly being replaced by electronic control modules and communication subsystems.  We are constantly training and researching to keep up on this evolving vehicle upgrade.

Engine repairs are usually avoidable with a good Preventative Maintenance program but we have the tools and knowledge to repair most engine failures.

With today’s vehicle emission control systems the exhaust is more important than ever.  We have the talent and knowledge to diagnose and repair most exhaust issues.

We have been a go to for Fleet Vehicles for decades.  We are a preferred repair and maintenance facility for most of the main fleet cards and can develop a Fleet Maintenance program for fleets of 1 to 1000. With prebooking and tracking options built right into our garage management software.

Engine Oil, Fuel, Coolant, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Differential and Trasnfer Case fluid, Power Steering we have the tools, machinery and the know how to service all systems on the vehicle.  A preventative maintenance program can save you 10 dollars for every dollar you spend.

From tank to injection and beyond we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair fuel related issues with your vehicle

We are an accredited Service Ontario MTO Vehicle Safety Inspection Station with four 310S technicians authorized to perform safety inspections and two 310T technicians authorized to perform Annual Truck and Trailer Safety Certifications.

A Full Inspection of your potential new vehicle with our Digitial Inspection Software will put the answers you need into the palm of your hand via text message or email.

The Life Blood of any vehicle.  A Quality Oil and Oil filter that both match or exceed the manufacturer’s specification is the only way we do it.

A dollar spent on effective preventative maintenance is worth ten dollars in savings in repair work in the future. We can develop extensive preventative maintenance packages to prolong the life of your vehicle.  A now with the power of BG Products we can give you a Lifetime Protection Plan to go with it.

We have diagnosed and corrected steering and suspension problems on vehicles from the beginning of the horseless carriages up to what comes off the assembly line tomorrow.  We Are the experts that other garages bring their unsolvable problems too. If they trust us to solve those issues then why wouldn’t you bring all your front end work to us?

Like to look around and see what your best deal and match for tires is?  Try our online tire locator and shopping tool.  

Or call us during open hours and we will help you out.  905-523-7535

We sell and install the best tires for your vehicle.  We have access to multiple manufacturers and tire lines to match your needs.  If you have a new car that does a lot of highway driving or an older car that goes for groceries once a week.   We can find your tires and install them professionally.