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Since the 1930’s we have been providing quality diagnostic/maintenance/service on all makes and models of vehicles in the Hamilton area.  We are constantly looking to expand our services and also have a strong network of like-minded, local companies that we work with to provide our customers with services we do not have in house.

The Antilock Brake System (A.B.S.) and Electronic Steering Control (E.S.C.) are important safety systems on today’s modern vehicle.  When either of these lights flash or stay on while driving it is an indication that something is potentially unsafe with your vehicle.  The dash light is telling you that something is reading outside the normal operation of the vehicle.  This could be an sensor or communication fault or it could be an warning that a physical part on your vehicle is not working properly.  We have the training and the equipment to properly diagnose and repair your A.B.S. issues.

Cabin temperature is not only an important comfort issue for you and your family but it is also an important safety issue.  The H.V.A.C. system that brings cold or hot air to you is intertwined with the engine cooling system, the vehicle electrical system and the vehicle computer system.  A leak in the heat/cooling system is a leak in the engine cooling system and can a great deal of harm to your engine. An unaddressed fault in your Air Conditioning circuit could cause issues with the engine’s run ability, the window defrost circuit, the serpentine belt alignment and the power distribution network.  We have the latest in Air Conditioning testing and recharging equipment to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

For over twenty five years we have had a great relationship with a local, experienced and reliable automotive glass company that will come to our shop and professionally replace any broken or cracked front or rear windshield.  In today’s vehicle the windshield is an important part of the vehicle strength and structure. We always recommend replacing any damaged window as soon as possible.  We have been diagnosing and repairing window regulators, door locks, power mirrors and door glass since they started putting power windows in cars.  With the industry trend to computerize every part of the automobile this has become a very complicated mix of electrical power, electronic communication. plastic and metal moving parts all put in an ever shrinking space inside the door skin.  We are constantly researching and learning how to efficiently diagnose and repair the issues and keep your gadgets working like new.

We have always been a “Full Service Automotive Repair Garage” with a crew of fully licensed automotive technicians.  We have a reputation for getting involved and solving problems for vehicle owners and sometimes other automotive garages in the steering, suspension, driveline and brake systems.  By not specializing in one type or brand of vehicle but breaking down the systems of each vehicle to their root workings.  As we move into autonomous vehicle era we believe our full vehicle service will be needed more than ever.

Today’s automotive battery is evolving and operates very different then the models that were common just a decade ago when our battery only had to start the vehicle and keep the radio playing when parking.  The trend to bring the battery into the cabin and trunk to make room for the engine in the shrinking area under the hood has stretched out the wiring and created interesting diagnostic and repair issues.   With the introduction of multi-system computer controls, hybrids and now fully electric vehicles or EVs we are looking at 12, 32 to even 288 volt systems.  We are consistently researching and discussing this major shift in the industry to better service your vehicles in the not so distant future.  We have the up to date testing equipment for the new batteries and charging systems and the staff training to properly diagnose and repair any issues.

Frank’s first sign outside Putney’s on Sanford and King was ‘Putney’s Brake Station’.  In our minds the brake system is at the top of the Safety Triangle (Steering, Stopping and Stability).  In the 1960’s Doug was a key member of the ‘Dr. Brake’ automotive group dedicated to industry standardization of brake repair quality.  Today’s brake system is still based on the idea of ‘push the pedal and stop the car’ but so many different systems have come and gone since the 1930’s. We have always worked diligently and have the reputation to keep ourselves at the forefront of training and information on all changes.  We know brakes. It is not only in our name it is in our DNA.

The charging system is in the middle of an evolution with the introduction of multi-system computer controls, hybrids and fully electric vehicles (EVs) we are looking at 12, 32 to even 288 volt systems.  We are consistently researching and discussing this major shift in the industry to better service your vehicles in the not so distant future.  We have the up to date testing equipment for the new batteries and charging systems and the staff training to properly diagnose and repair any issues.

Your car has a brain that monitors and controls many of your car’s electrical systems.  Some have multiple brains connecting electrical systems from one end of your vehicle to the other that interact numerous times and a fault can cause your vehicle to develop a personality disorder.  We have the tools to scan, diagnose and repair most of the vehicle computer systems on the road today.

Your vehicle’s engine gets really hot.  The cooling system keeps the engine running at an optimum temperature to keep your engine functioning properly.  Coolant leaks, blockages and electrical issues can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s engine and usually leave you stranded on the roadside if not maintained.  We have the training and equipment to diagnose internal and external fluid leaks, electrical issues and coolant flow problems.  Our preventative maintenance services can keep you rolling down the road for years to come.

Digital Vehicle Video Inspection Reports by AutoServe1 is the newest tool in our Technician’s hands.  Now you can follow along as our technicians perform a comprehensive Video Inspection of your vehicle.  We have a 30 plus point inspection process that inspects all of the Vital Aspects of your vehicle. Once complete we can TXT or eMail you a visual report of our findings including actual photos and video taken during inspection, technician comments and explanations why you need the service or repair.  Download and save it for future insurance company interactions.  Make sure you receive your FREE DVVI inspection by telling our Service Advisor when booking your next appointment or when booking online click the SPECIALS box and Please provide us with an up to date eMail or TXT cell number.

Strange feelings, vibrations and noises felt in your vehicle as you drive down the road are often defects in the driveline or drivetrain.  Diagnosing and curing these issues can be difficult and time consuming.  We have been trusted by many local service garages and dealerships to find and solve issues in difficult vehicles.  We have the patience and the problem solving skills to diagnose and repair your vehicle issues.

Today’s vehicles have more electrical systems and computer controlled circuits than NASA used to put man on the moon during the Apollo missions.  You now have miles of electrical wiring and systems in each car.  The breakdown of these systems is rapidly becoming the number one cause for vehicle repairs.  We are constantly updating equipment and training at Putney’s to keep up with the ever changing trends in our industry.  We can diagnose and repair your electrical issues.

The heart of the vehicle will always be the powertrain. Be it driven by gas, diesel, electric or hydrogen it will always have moving parts and things will always wear out.  Today’s engines are being made much better than they were just 15 years ago but they are also making them lighter and more compact.  We are still seeing the repairs to engine gaskets, water pumps, cylinder heads, timing belts, cooling systems and electrical controllers and sensors.  We have the training, information and tools to repair a vast majority of today’s vehicles and we continue to train and expand our knowledge and skill set.  A properly maintained vehicle is less likely to need an engine rebuild or replacement.

The days of custom exhaust systems is rapidly becoming history. The control systems in vehicle emissions are so finely tuned that any deviations in the factory exhaust design can have serious repercussions on vehicle drivability, fuel economy and power under the hood.  We understand what needs to be in place to keep your vehicle running at its best. We can source and install OEM quality or better exhaust systems and if we have a challenge we know who to call to get the answers to your unique requirements.

Putney’s was built on Fleet Service.  Since the 1930’s we have maintained and serviced many of the car and truck fleets in the Hamilton area.

We know how frustrating and a time drain it can be to manage your vehicle fleet along with your other duties.  We know your fleet needs to be on the road all the time and downtime is not an option.

Although we are a local company that is able to effectively deal with your driver’s directly, we are also proficient in working with national fleet management service companies on your behalf.

We can consult with you and devise a program for your fleet that can encompass regular vehicle maintenance scheduling and reminders, emergency repairs, towing, cost and management reporting.

If you would like to have our management team sit down and discuss what we can do for you and your fleet please contact Paul at or call him at 905-522-4621.

Your vehicle is protected by vital lubricants and fluids that need to be tested and maintained to prolong the life of the vehicle.  Transmission fluid, Engine Oil, Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, Engine Coolant, Differential Fluid, A/C Freon, Windshield Washer fluid are all vital fluids of your vehicle.  When the cleanliness, viscosity and effectiveness of these fluids drops below par your vehicle systems will start to wear and eventually break down.  By exchanging these fluids and the fluid filters you are increasing the longevity of your vehicle.  An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  For every dollar spent on vehicle maintenance you are saving one hundred dollars in future vehicle repairs.

The fuel system of your vehicle consists of a storage tank, a fuel pump, delivery and return lines, fuel filter and a precise controller to deliver the proper amount of fuel to the intake when needed.  The controller takes input from multiple sensors and computers for safety, fuel economy and performance.  The Fuel System collects dirt and debris which clogs filters and builds up in the ports and chambers of the engine causing a lack of power and poor fuel economy.  Any electrical or physical defects in the system or from external input can keep the fuel from getting to the intake and cause a no start problem.  We are experienced in diagnosing and repairing many issues with today’s vehicles and consistently upgrade our training to tackle the future challenges in this area.

We are approved by the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Transportation to perform Safety Standards Certification Inspections for people who are buying and selling a vehicle in Ontario. We are also approved to perform and issue Annual Safety Standard Inspection stickers and documentation for commercial vehicles owned and operating in the province of Ontario that require a C.V.O.R.

We routinely perform comprehensive vehicle inspections above and beyond the M.T.O. standards for fleet owners and retail customers to determine any possible current and future expenses that may be required on a vehicle they own or are considering purchasing to assist in cost management decision making.  We also can perform an online search for O.E.M. warranties and recalls.

Your vehicle’s engine is protected by the engine oil.  When the cleanliness, viscosity and effectiveness of your engine oil drops below par you are neglecting your vehicle and the engine components will wear prematurely and eventually break down.  By changing your engine oil before it is worn out along with a new oil filter you are increasing the longevity of your vehicle.   An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  For every dollar spent on vehicle maintenance you are saving one hundred dollars in future vehicle repairs.  We have many options for today’s vehicles and the different driving styles of our customers so we can help you in the decision making process of choosing the best engine oil and filter for your vehicle.

Everything on your vehicle is going to wear out eventually.  The goal of a good preventative maintenance program is to service and or replace the wearable items before the effectiveness is diminished to a point that it will cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle’s main systems.  An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  For every dollar spent on vehicle maintenance you are saving one hundred dollars in future vehicle repairs.   We have a comprehensive inspection for your vehicle where we will highlight wearing components and explain the benefits of replacing or servicing it before it is used up.  Serpentine and timing belts, heater and coolant hoses, filters, fluids, spark plugs, ignition wires, pulleys, tensioners, wiper blades, sensors, switches and controllers will all need to be replaced over the life time of the vehicle.  Systems cleaning and flushing free up areas of restriction and renew quality of flow to vital systems of your vehicle making it run better and longer then when left alone.

No matter how advanced and computerized your vehicle becomes it will still need to have physical suspension and steering systems to transport you smoothly. safely and efficiently from place to place.  These systems are becoming more confusing and complicated with each new model. We continue to advance our training and diagnostic skills in this area to ensure the smoothest of safe rides for you and your family.

We have teamed up with Tire Connect and a few local tire supply companies to allow you to research, look up, quote and order your next set of tires online.  Input your vehicle year, make and model or your current tire size and Tire Connect will show you which of our suppliers have options for you. You will see the cost of tires with installation and to order just click on the tires you like and they will be delivered to us so we can install them for you.  If you would prefer we check, lookup and order your tires for you.  Just call and one of our service advisors who would be happy to quote a price for tires with installation for you and book an appointment to service your vehicle.

For your safety, we have only licensed technicians and apprentices mounting and balancing your vehicle tires.  We can dismount, mount and balance your tires and rims, install and service TPMS sensors and dash indicator lights and we even have a partnership with The Tire Hotel to pick up and store your tires for the season in a climate controlled warehouse.  Once registered you will receive an emailed confirmation of your tire storage including pictures of the treads and rims that is very handy for a future insurance disputes.  We are also an OTC used tire collection and recycling location so we will properly and ethically dispose of your used tires for free as part of our Green Company program.

All vehicles have some kind of transmission.  Standard or Automatic the transmission literally takes the force of the engine and transfers it through a series of gears or bands into a speed and torque to smoothly accelerate from standing still to highway speeds and back again.  A complicated sealed unit that has experienced some amazing advances in the last decade.  It is recommended that the fluid and for most vehicles the filter be replaced at regular service intervals.  When a proper and timely flushing service is performed the transmission should last for the life of the vehicle.  It is usually when dirt and debris is allowed to build up in old used up transmission fluid that we see transmission failure. We have the technology to perform a transmission fluid drain/flush/clean on most vehicles on the road today.  If your vehicle transmission has failed we have an excellent local transmission repair facility to refer your vehicle repairs too.

A properly tuned engine delivers a balance of power and fuel economy while producing the lowest level of emissions.  Modern engines can compensate for worn parts to a degree, making you think that everything is fine with your car but it is a smoke screen.  By keeping your engine tuned you will restore your car to its normal operating state, and will contribute to the overall efficiency of the engine and emissions systems and prolong the life of the vehicle. Tune-Ups are a key element of your vehicles preventative maintenance program. We consistently suggest to our customers to have spark plugs, ignition wires and other wearable parts inspected well before the recommended OEM replacement.  By making sure parts are free from debris, not seized in place or wearing thin you are assisting in keeping the big ticket items from being damaged and leaving you or your loved ones stranded with a breakdown. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  For every dollar spent on vehicle maintenance you are saving one hundred dollars in future vehicle repairs.

The frame and unit-body is the main strength and skeleton of your vehicle.  Many vehicles have design flaws that causes certain models of vehicles to rot and rust in the same place.  When it rots and rusts the safety and integrity of the vehicle is affected.  We have successfully repairing these faults for decades.  We will not repair a vehicle that will not be returned to an O.E.M. safety standard when we are complete.  Before you send the vehicle to the scrap pile ask us to look at it and give you an honest opinion.

Often the most annoying and obvious problem with your vehicle is a wheel balance issue.  Your vehicle sits on only four feet of rubber.  When something is wrong with that rubber it can cause problems with Steering, Stopping and Stability.  We have been diagnosing and balancing tires and wheels since the 1930’s.

A properly aligned vehicle is a very important maintenance goal for all vehicles.  Reduced wear and tear on tires, brakes, steering and suspension parts along with increased fuel economy makes an annual wheel alignment a cost effective preventative maintenance service. One of the oldest alignment service shops in Hamilton we have the reputation as “The best in Hamilton”.  Our old school manual gauges or our state of the art computer laser alignment system we can use them both to diagnose and adjust your alignment to the most precise measurements within the manufacturer’s allowable specification.  Big or small we can align them all.  Our alignment racks are adjustable from an Austin Mini to a Transport Truck so size does not matter to us.