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Safe Driving Quiz: Eliminating Food Distractions


Hello Hamilton drivers! So what’s the most distracting food in the car? Is it:

(A) A Hamburger

(B) Coffee

(C) A Soft Drink

(D) Twizzlers

Well, all but the licorice make the top ten, but coffee’s the number one food distraction. These distractions cause 25% of all car crashes, over a million and a half each year.

All the top ten distracting food items are messy. Hamilton motorists might spill, then try to clean up. If you’ve got to eat on the run, take five, then drive. And keep drinks in spill-proof containers. So taking a food break… Or filling out accident reports. It’s a no brainer.

We want Hamilton drivers to keep their eyes, and their minds, on the road.

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