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Highly recommend this place!!  - G.Kilby

Had a front end alignment done at Putney’s today. They were one of the only shops around town that would not stray from a 4 wheel alignment only. These guys run one of the most efficient competent garages I have been too in a long time. Highly recommend this place!!  – G.Kilby

Love Dealing with these guys. -John - O'Rourke Google Review

Love dealing with these guys. So friendly and good work. Best in Hamilton. – John O’Rourke Septembner 2019

Great Staff
Great staff, fair pricing. I can’t say enough good things about them. – Justin Hull – Google Review – September 2019

Extremely Positive Experience!

I am new to Hamilton and I was looking for a place to get Safety Standard Certification in order to change my plate no to a local one. They booked an appointment for me for the same day that I called them. They provided the service as quickly as possible. These guys are great and super friendly. I found them also very honest. I would recommend going here. Thank you for amazing job. – Nikfar Nikzad – Google Review -July 2019

Great Repair Shop!

Great Repair Shop! – Christopher Au Coin – Google Review – August 2019

What more can you ask for?

They did the work quickly, sent me an online report, washed the car, and left me a thankyou gift (popcorn and a note) in the car. What more can you ask for? – Brendan Simons – Google Review – June 2019 


Their work is reliable

Their work is reliable. Very friendly environment. – Netasha Yokom – Google Review – May 2019

Very Friendly!

Very friendly people, got my car in and out right away at a extremely fair price. – Justin Lefebvre – Google Review – April 2019


I went to Putney’s Brake & Alignment Service for the first time yesterday, May 01, 2019.

Prior to going there, I had been told that the KIA had a major alignment problem requiring parts that may no longer be available and that the labour to repair would be prohibitive.

Putney’s repaired AND aligned the car in just over an hour. They did not replace any parts but instead used skill and knowledge, not readily available in most garages today, to do the repairs. The cost to me was just over $200.00. The car works perfect!

I found the entire staff at Putney’s to be very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, skilled and honest.


Cal Bruce – Google Review – May 2019

I shall definitely be returning to Putney’s
I called Putney’s for the first time on April 15th 2019 with a suspected problem with the front brakes on my Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty. I was initially impressed with the fact that Don RICHMOND, Service Manager, was able to schedule my truck in for at least “a look”. In the past I have been told, quite abruptly sometimes, by other places that I would have to book an appointment and that basically it was too bad my truck was not working.
When I arrived at Putney’s I was greeted by Don who genuinely listened as I described the “symptoms” of my truck’s problems. He asked questions for clarification and THEN typed up the work order. Once Regan, (the mechanic who worked on my truck), had inspected the front brakes Don took me into the shop to see for myself the mechanical issues. Once again at other places I have not been permitted to see my vehicle for a variety of reasons until after the repairs were completed.  SEE THE REST on Google Reviews!
Putney's Takes Good Care...

Putney’s takes good care of their customers, from making fruit and coffee available in the wait room, to fully explaining the repairs needed. They have my trust and I don’t hesitate to recommend them. – Kathryn Cowley – Google Review – April 2019

Helpful and knowledgeable

Helpful and knowledgeable. Don’t even think about going elsewhere. – Gordon S. – Google Review – March 2019


These Guys are Great! - Andrea H.

These guys are great. I have been there twice and both times they have been very knowledgeable and very honest. They seem like a great group of people. So if you are looking for an honest friendly place to take your car I would recommend going here.

Thank You

Thank you for the great service. I was offered a ride to work in the morning when dropping my car off. A very honest family-owned business. I recommend Putney’s, thanks again. – Tammy Lynn – Facebook – October 16, 2019

Took me in at the preferred time. Friendly staff. They diagnosed my front end problem immediately and made the repairs. Excellent service and reasonably priced. – Gord Gibbs – Facebook – July 26, 2019

These guys know customer sevice

These guys know customer service. I came to them after getting ripped off by Canadian Tire. Very happy with Putney’s service. Recommend them to everyone. – Kumar Neeraj – Facebook – August 14, 2019

The guys are true professionals.

The guys are true professionals. I booked my car in for an alignment with 1.5 degree negative camber on the front and back. it was not reccomend through the manufacturer specs and I was cautioned. I explained that I understood and that I still wanted it done….and they happily did it.

Thanks to Paul and the guys my car handles way way way better on the on and off ramps.

Now it’s time to go break some speed limits (oh like you don’t speed) – Jay Nova – Facebook July 9th, 2019

They Have My Trust. - Tabitha D.

A minor service at another shop resulted in $1200 of highly recommended scary sounding work. Since we’ve had excellent service at Putney’s, we “came home” for a 2nd opinion. An alignment later and we’re good. They have my trust.

Good Work, Excellant Price, Super Friendly Staff - Chris B.

Used them first time because my husbands employers use them Went back to them 2nd time because I liked them! Good work, excellant price, super friendly staff. I honestly hope I don’t ever have to go back lol, but the reality is my vehicle will require service again and when it does I will take it back here.1 Comment


I was booked at Pyett’s to have a alingment done, but when I showed up they didn’t keep my appt time, and they couldnt find time to re-book a new time for me so I called Putney’s on short notice to have a alingment done on my vehicle and they fit me right away and they had a better price on their alingment. “Very happy with their services” well worth the 1 1/2 hour drive from where I’m at. THANK YOU PUTNEY’S

I have always had Amazing Service at Putney's! - Michelle C.

A thorough explanation of what they found when looking at the car. What work needs to be done now and what can wait.

Plus all the extras! Email receipts, summaries and recommendations. An introduction to the mechanic that worked on your car – how awesome!

Helpful and Knowledgeable - Gordon S.

Don’t even think about going elsewhere.

These guys are honest and straight to the point. - Ross C.

These guys are honest and straight to the point. I might add that they are also very thorough and don’t rush through their work to ensure it’s fixed right the first time. Been using them for years and would absolutely recommend them to my friends and family.
Thanks Paul and Donnie!

They are clearly doing something right. - Ken W.

A shop that does a good job with alignment on heavy pickup/heavy trucks is hard to find. I drive in from Cayuga. This is the second truck they have done for me and the improvement is very impressive. They are clearly doing something right. Fast and reasonably priced.

No other shop has my absolute trust as they do. - Jeff C.

I have been dealing with Putney’s for 35 years and no other shop has my absolute trust as they do. I love the fact that they have some “seasoned” 😉 mechanics that understand the geometry of a vehicle well enough to do alignments the “old school” way.

I wouldn't go anywhere else - Luke G.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Excellent shop. Been going for about 15 years with no problems.

Everybody at Putney's is a rare find. - Frank

They are honest, reliable and you can tell that everybody is proud of what they’re doing. Thank you for the great work and keep doing an amazing job…

Service on My R.V.

Forgot about getting the oil changed before a big road trip around 6000 km.  Called 2 days before and they got me in and out.  This was my 2nd time had alignment done there last year and will defenetly go back.  Probably soon as we need to get the brakes and suspension checked

-Phil Mason

Happy Customer!

Thank you for your service I left your place a happy customer.

-Larry Park

As usual a very professional job

As usual a very professional job!

Paul—you are the only show left in town now Ron’s retired–Keep well !

Bill Conner

Keep up the good work.

Always happy with the service and the quality of workmanship. Staff is always friendly and go above and beyond to help out with all the questions i have had. Highly recommend your business to anyone who asks. Keep up the good work.


Rick Glover

Thanks Don for Your Help.

I came to you as a referral and now you can consider me a client of yours.
Thanks Don for your help …. I’m passing your business card around.
I am sure my girl friend will be coming to see you.
I hope my next visit will not cost as much but I am sure that I will leave with sound information for the upkeep of my car. My car has been serviced regularly and still can’t understand how no one else noted/saw the condition of my car. Hopefully your workmanship will take me through SEVERAL years.
Hoping this is the start of a good relationship.


These Folks Give Great Service -Thomas A. Lee

These folks give great service. I would match them against any company in any industry. Dealing with them is a terrific experience. -Thomas A. Lee

I'm delighted to be one of your customers. - Maureen McM.

Dear Putneys,

I’m delighted to be one of your customers. I have full confidence in your work ethic.  The service is excellent.

And besides, the coffee and treats are great!  Thank you for everything.

Best regards,

Maureen McM.

Great Organization

I’ll always bring my vehicles to Putney’s whenever possible. It’s a service center that represents honesty, integrity and expertise. Great respect and confidence in Don, so when he suggests or recommends something needs to be done (or not done) it’s made putting me first. That’s the reason why I always bring my vehicles to him. Great organization.


– Jack Boddaert

5 Stars - Paul @ Award Limo

Putney’s service, quality and professionalism has been great over the past 20 years that  I have been dealing with them. I have never had a negative experience. – Paul @ Award Limo

DARTS - I have been very satisfied with the service.

I have been very satisfied with the service.
You have been very prompt in picking up and returning the vehicles. – Linda @ DARTS Transportation

Fast, friendly service! Everytime!

Thanks to your crew for the continuous efforts they put in so that customers like me do not hesitate for return service.

Best regards,

John Fuller – Clare Moore Refrigeration

Excellent Service - Celebrity Limousine

Excellent Service. Been servicing my fleet there for many years. Always reliable and knowledgeable staff. No job is to difficult. Thank you and keep up the good work!!Celebrity Limousine

5 Stars Awesome Guys

These guys are awesome. We have a fleet of over 700 rental trucks. Putneys always makes the time to get us in, and out, in a timely basis. A must in our industry. Love the service and the people! – Thomas Solutions.

Five Stars

Five Stars! Always very helpful whenever I go in!

Awesome and Honest

Awesome and honest people plus they know what they’re doing!! It is rare in this time and age.