In The Community

Since Frank opened the doors in the 1930’s Putney’s has been a strong supporter of local charities, youth groups and safety organizations. “It’s not just what we do for our customers, it’s what we do for our community!”  We all live here in Hamilton.  We are your neighbours.  We want Hamilton to remain a great city and we want to help those who need us locally.

Logo Rotary Hamilton East Wentworth 220W

As a corporate sponsor of The Rotary Club of East Hamilton we put a large chunk of our advertising and marketing dollars in the hands of this nonprofit volunteer group.  With no paid employees and all volunteers they shine a light on the most needy of areas in our community and help bring relief to those in need.  When researching Rotary International in 2009 we found our core beliefs written in their “Rotary Way” mantra: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?  These four questions are what we ask ourselves every day and with every customer.

Logo Scouts 220W

By supporting fundraising of Youth groups like The Hamilton 58th Scout group and Celt-X Robotics we are encouraging girls and boys from 4-19 years old to keep active, learn new skills outside of their everyday activities, live for teamwork and take on passionate leadership roles.  We want to create problem solvers, future leaders and entrepreneurs that will call Hamilton home.  (Also helpful that they can survive in the wilderness, battle zombies and take apart killer robots!)

Hamilton Crime Stoppers

As a corporate sponsor of Crime Stoppers of Hamilton and The Hamilton Police Association’s Backup we want to help keep our city safe and support the partnership and communication between the citizens and law enforcement.  Only Together can we keep our friends and family safe!

Hamilton Police Association

Make a Difference when you book your online appointment!

Every time you book an appointment online choose one of the charities listed on the form and we will donate $1.00 from your invoice to that worthy organization.

Do you have a charity that you think we should contribute too?  Send us the information and we will gladly review it and see if it fits into our community mandate! Email: