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How are your Tires? Are You Sure?

Let’s look at your tires!

Summer is here and many people plan big trips or at the very least seem to spend more time on the road then any of the other seasons. So how are your tires looking?  Are you sure?

You would be surprised how many people on the road today have worn out or defective tires.  The wear down is usually over a long period and can go unnoticed until it ‘SUDDENLY Happens’. Some think there is something wrong with their steering or brakes.  Some think it is “Just the way this car handles!”  Not necessarily true.

Look at the palm of your hand and imagine a piece of rubber that would cover the area from your outstretched fingers to your wrist. For most vehicles that square is all that is touching the road at any given moment for each of your tires.  1 square foot per corner.  Four feet of rubber controlling your vehicle over our often rough Ontario roads.   Any defects or wear in just one tire can bring your vehicle safety down more than 25%.

Being Safe is our goal.

Worn tires extends your safe stopping distance dramatically.  They are vital to your turning and steering control. They also affect fuel mileage and can cause unnecessary wear and tear of your suspension and steering components.

We are now on board to help you.

After years of sending our customers to local tire shops and having them sell tires that don’t necessarily meet with our customers needs, we have teamed up with a few local tire distributors to offer you great tire options at very reasonable rates.  For more information call us at 905-522-4622, stop in and have a conversation with our service advisors, e-Mail us at info@https://putneys.ca/ , or research 24/7 on your own by visiting Putney’s online ‘FIND MY TIRES’ web page powered by:

Tires are like new shoes.  So many brands, styles, options and prices.  If you want to research the options and choose your own set of tires it is a great online tool.  You can find, order your tires and have them delivered to our door all from the comfort of your computer chair.  Cost of installation and balancing is included with the estimate!  Once the order is submitted one of our experienced staff will review it and give you a call to confirm details. We offer a complimentary Digital Video Vehicle Inspection with any tire sale and recommend a four wheel alignment to protect your investment.

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