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Fleet Service in Mohawk, ON

Putney’s was Built on Fleet Service.fleet vehicle service


Since the 1930’s we have maintained and serviced many car and truck fleets in the Mohawk area. Let us be your “Inhouse Automotive Expert”

  • Time Management
  • Automotive Expertise
  • Scheduling / Tracking
  • Cost Effective / Reporting
  • Trust
  • Fleet Card Management Services
  • Warranty and Roadside Assistance

We recognize how difficult it can be for companies to organize and implement a successful fleet maintenance program for a small to medium size fleet of vehicles. We know how frustrating and a time drain it can be to add the responsibility of managing a pool of vehicles and employees. We know your fleet needs to be on the road all the time and downtime is not an option.

Protractor Invoicing and CRM Services.

ProtractorAlthough we are a local family company we have brought online some very powerful tools to assist us with maintaining any fleet from one vehicle to a thousand. Our invoicing is on a nationally recognized platform called Protractor. This program allows our experienced and efficient staff to set up each of your vehicles in a customized maintenance schedule. We can send personalized email or text messages to individual members of your team to remind them of up coming maintenance requirements and follow up with them to book their appointments within a reasonable time frame. We can send daily, weekly or monthly progress reports to key members of your team to advise of any missing maintenance issues.

This is a FREE service we offer to all our Fleet Clientele.

AutoServe 1 Digital Video Vehicle Inspections

autoserveWe understand that receiving a phone call about the repairs of a vehicle has a certain trust factor that needs to be diminished in our clients. We know that you cannot come to our shop and review each inspection yourself. What if you could receive a detailed inspection report of a vehicle including photos and video of your actual vehicle as we perform the inspection at our shop? We are an early adaptor to a new concept for maintenance reporting called an “Automotive Digital Video Vehicle Inspection” Our staff perform a predetermined inspection of your vehicle with a wireless tablet. They take pictures or videos of the vital aspects of the maintenance of your vehicle while recording the measurements of maintenance wear and tear items. This report can be sent to you via email or text messaging. You can review and save this report from any where in the world for future reference. Some local insurance companies find this to be a powerful tool when discussing repairs or payouts for damaged vehicles. Case Study – “One of our current fleet clients recently used our inspection report to avoid a heavy payment to a dishonest garage. When one of their vehicles had a minor breakdown out of town. The one-month old report clearly showed the vehicle did not need all the repairs that were quoted and the vehicle was put back on the road with a minor electrical fix avoiding thousands of dollars in repairs.”

This is a FREE service we offer to all our Fleet Clientele.

Fleet Maintenance and Repair Cards.

We understand for some companies and organizations that having a third party Fleet Maintenance Service is a viable option. These companies can work as a pay as you go service or a monthly fee per vehicle contract. Basically, they act as a paid fleet maintenance manager for your vehicles. They charge you a fee and they also take a percentage of our total repair invoice to pay for their services. We are recognized as a premium repair facility for numerous National Fleet Maintenance companies and work very well at getting your vehicles inspected, authorized and repaired in the fastest way possible. We currently have agreements in place with the following card companies.

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If your current fleet management card is not present, please contact us at accounts@https://putneys.ca/ and we will investigate the procedure to become an authorized maintenance and repair facility.

Our Guarantee – Our Word

We stand behind our repairs and make customer satisfaction our #1 concern. We guarantee our repairs for two years or 40,000 km. We are associated with two national parts companies that offer National parts and labour warranty programs and emergency road repair solutions from coast to coast to coast for a small upfront annual fee per vehicle. Locally we use numerous trustworthy towing and recovery companies and a network of like minded automotive facilities to get your vehicle running and making money. If you would like to have our management team sit down and discuss what we can do for you and your fleet please contact: Paul Crossman at 905-523-7535

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