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Digital Vehicle Inspections in Aldershot, ON

digital vehicle inspectionsPutney’s Brake & Alignment is proud to offer our customers the latest in technology – Digital Vehicle Inspections!

Every time a vehicle comes into our shop, we use this technology to perform an inspection to ensure the vehicle is operating safely.

The standard inspection for lots of locations is conducted with standard pencil and paper and then given to the customer once the service is complete. This old school method has potential for error such as hard to read writing, lost papers and or manually skipped sections.

At Putney’s, we have adapted the latest technology and perform all inspections digitally! This allows us to be fully transparent with our customers on the condition of their vehicle. We do this by using a tablet to take photos and videos during the inspection that can be sent to the customer’s mobile device to share the results.

Customers can review the information and see exactly what the technician sees through e-mail or text options. We pride ourselves in offering transparent and quality services to our customers. Being able to share and discuss Digital Vehicle Inspections with each of our customers allows us to provide improved customer service!

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