Defective Ontario License Plate Warranty!!!

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Defective Ontario License Plate Warranty!!!

Service Ontario has replaced over 130,000 sets of defective license plates over the last year.  If you are pulled over for the license plate you will be charged!  It is in your best interest to get the FREE replacement now!  BTW the 407 cameras can read the plates!

Ontario licence plates are covered by the manufacturer-warranty for up to 5 years – under normal wear and tear.

If the lamination started peeling and bubbling within five years of you getting the plates, the manufacturer warranty applies and you’ll receive the replacements at no charge. Otherwise, there is a $57 fee to replace them.

If the lamination on your plate(s) is peeling or bubbling please visit a ServiceOntario centre to get them replaced.

You must bring both plates in for replacement, even if only one has peeling or bubbling. You may have noticed already:

  • visible signs of peeling – making the numbers and/or letters hard to read
  • bubbling around the numbers and/or letters, making them hard to read
  • paint is worn off in some or all areas

Bring the two plates, along with the following items, to the nearest ServiceOntario centre:

  • identification (e.g. driver’s licence)
  • proof of valid insurance from an insurance provider licensed in Ontario
  • the vehicle permit (plate and vehicle portions)






If you do not have the vehicle permit you can have it replaced at a ServiceOntario centre at an additional charge.

5 thoughts on “Defective Ontario License Plate Warranty!!!

  1. Roy Fobert
    April 7, 2018

    I shouldn’t have to pay to replace my plates because of a manufacturers defect.
    This is an other cash grab.
    I understand if I need plates but if I already have them and they are defective thats the manufacturer (province) responsibility to cover the cost as I already paid for the plates.
    Think of it this way
    If it was a vehicle recall guess who flips the bill the manufacturer.
    Just because this recall is from the government who is suppose to be responsible than they should do the responsibile thing and do what they force all other manufacturers do and do this license plate recall at no cost

    • Paul Crossman
      June 5, 2018

      I believe that is what the article states Roy. There is a recall to replace the plates for free for the first 5 years. Not all vehicle manufacturer recalls last for the life time of the car. If you do not get it within a certain grace period you end up paying or the recalled part becomes obsolete and you end up decommissioning the vehicle.

  2. Ron Doherty
    July 5, 2018

    Why do I have to go to a Ontario Service Center to see if my plate can be replaced for free. Why not do it on line as it is a lot simpler and CHEAPER………….

  3. Holly
    July 11, 2018

    Maybe the government should do like other recalls and send letters to those that could be affected, in this case mostly B series plates. At least then people would know to go get it done before the 5 year period is up – otherwise, yes the owner would have to pay.

  4. Karen Scully
    October 22, 2018

    s cover faulty workmanship. I agree with the first guy and this is just another Ontario gov’t cash grab. It’s time to move out of this stupid, backwards Province and move somewhere else. Obviously voting for 60 years has done me no good!

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