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Burlington Street Makes the Top of the Worst List Again!

Why are they always beating up on Burlington Street here in Hamilton, Ontario? Of course, this road needs work! Have you looked at the vehicles that drive on it? This is the main industrial drive for 90 percent of the transport trucks entering Hamilton. The Harbour handles around 12 million metric tonnes of cargo every year. This cargo is transported in and out by trucks along Burlington Street. ‘Industrial Road’ has been handling cargo since 1898. It has been rebuilt, redesigned and reinforced for over one hundred years old. Changing industry required changing designs and overcoming challenges. Did you know that most of the North end was swamp and a garbage dump on maps from the 1800’s. There are actual underground channels and old docks for ships as far south as Beach road around Kenilworth and Ottawa Street area. Burlington Street was the distribution route for Otis Elevator, Westinghouse, International Harvester, Studebaker, Proctor and Gamble, Firestone and has continued to be the home of ArceloMittal Dofasco, Stelco, Bunge, National Steel Car and a wide variety of other industry leaders.

Don’t forget we also have some very heavy equipment driving from Steel Mill to Steel Mill. The city has repaired stretches of this road with some serious reinforcement. The Eastbound section between Gage Street and Ottawa Street is beautiful. But roads cost money. Strong roads cost a lot more money. Shutting down a main access to the core of the industrial section is also a costly endeavour.

I drive Burlington Street regularly as Putney’s Brake and Alignment Service is conveniently located in the north end of Hamilton. I find that much of the issue on the roads is speed and the changes to the MTO standards for truck and trailer designs being changed to better reflect the regulations in the USA. The newer designed vehicles and the use of train style trucks with multiple trailers. Changes in the weight allowances per axle by Transport Canada to better interact with the transport industry in the UAS has caused our roads a great deal of damage. Patching some roads is necessary as the planners get ready for overhauling the remaining sections while still taking into consideration the needs of the businesses in the area and the future use of the area.

We have all has some fun at he expense of Burlington Street but for an industrial road it is in much better shape then the highways I drove on in St. Louis last year. Water spouts from one highway overpass had no pipes to the ground so your car would get hit with gallons of water on the highway below. Washouts were common. Pot holes that would rip the bottom of your chassis from your car without as much as a bump ahead sign in warning. We should learn to slow down and be careful! Not all roads should be designed for our vehicles to travel at 100km per hour. But if you do wear out your steering, suspension and tires come to Putney’s Brake and Alignment Service for all your vehicle repairs!


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