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Brake Services

Brake Services in Binbrook, ON

There are two important things all automobiles must do: go and stop. Going involves an internal combustion engine or electric motor, a transmission, a drivetrain, and wheels. Stopping involves your brakes, and brakes are extremely important.

If you’ve noticed your brakes are underperforming, you’ve probably been searching, “Brake services GTHA”, “Common brake problems”, “Brake repair near Binbrook”, or something similar. If so, Putney’s can help you. We offer several essential automotive services in our Binbrook shop.

“Can I get brake repair near me in Binbrook, Ontario?”

You can if you come to Putney’s. We offer professional and comprehensive brake repair services. But how do you know your brakes need repairing? And just what goes into brake service?

Why is brake repair important?

Your brakes are the mechanism by which you can safely come to a stop when driving. Ideally, you’re able to apply your brakes well in advance of where you intend to stop, and the whole process is gentle and smooth. But you won’t always have that luxury, and on those occasions when you do have to slam on the brakes, they had better work.

But your brakes aren’t a single component. They’re a collection of components that work together to apply sufficient friction and resistance to your wheels to stop them from turning. And because your brakes are an intricate set of parts, brake service can sometimes be complicated.

At Putney’s, we offer comprehensive brake services and expert brake repair. We can handle many different brake issues, such as:

  • Squeaking, grinding, and otherwise loud braking noises
  • Pulsation problems
  • Drum maintenance
  • Inspecting and servicing rotors
  • Calipers inspection and service
  • Brake pad assessment and replacement
  • Brake line service and hydraulic fluid top-ups
  • Brake fluid flushes
  • ABS (anti-lock braking system) inspection
  • And more!

When should you have your brakes repaired?

Braking is a involved and strenuous process, even when you have the time to brake gradually and softly. Because braking puts so much stress on multiple parts of your brake line, brake repair is often needed. Brake pads in particular, undergo a lot of friction, and so need to be replaced more than other parts of your vehicle. Over time, braking wears down other components as well, such as tires, wheels, and calipers.

Try and be aware of any possible brake problems while driving. Signs of brake trouble include delayed braking, high-pitched squealing noises, pulsations, and more. Ignoring signs such as these is not a good idea and is, essentially, the braking equivalent of ignoring your check engine light.

Keeping to a brake maintenance schedule is crucial. Routine brake maintenance includes having your ABS inspected, ideally every autumn. Brake maintenance can even save you money by negating the need for more costly brake repairs down the line.  Well maintained brakes can also increase the tread life and longevity of your tires.

Come to Putney’s for all your brake repair services in Binbrook, ON

There’s no reason to keep looking for brake repair near you if you’re in or near Binbrook. Putney’s can help you with all your brake service needs. If you would like to book an appointment for brake repair, or any other automotive service, please click here.

To learn more about brake service, or our other services and products, you can contact us via our website or call us at 905-523-7535

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