574 Wentworth Street North, Hamilton ON, L8L 5X3

Bike Share in the Hammer

The Hammer has a profitable Bike Share program.  A very cool idea for the downtown core.

Rent or Ride Share one of the 825 bikes from over 130 localhubs from SoBi (Social Bicycle Hamilton) by the hour.  Need to get from place to place downtown.  Swipe a card and the bicycle unlocks.  You can ride it where ever and when ever you like.  Lock it back up and you are billed for the amount of time you have used it.  Prepaid monthly and yearly packages are available when you create an account at the SoBi Website.

SoBi Looks after the cleaning/maintenance and tracks the smart bikes 24/7. If they see a stockpile of unused bikes in one area they will shift them around to areas that are seeing more usage and demand. No need to purchase a bike to get around the downtown core. No storage hassles. No bike shop spring tuneups.

The best part is this service is a self funded and operational funding is not provided through municipal taxes. Costs are recouped through membership fees, sponsorship funding, and in-kind services provided by our community partners. Extra revenue goes back into additional bicycles and storage hubs.

Locations Served
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