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BG Lifetime Protection Plan at Putney’s Brake and Alignment!

bg lifetime protection plan

Have you heard us on the radio? We have partnered with AM1380 and JEWEL92 FM to promote automotive maintenance recommendations and our BG Lifetime Protection Plan on a segment called: This is your car care auto-tip minute for Putney’s Brake and Alignment.

Read below for our spring 2022 message!

Should you fix your current vehicle or buy something new or preowned? With the average new car price of $47,000 and pre-owned vehicles prices at an all-time high, most clients are opting for the 360 Digital Video Inspection and 21st Century Tune-Up Package for an honest snapshot of your vehicle and recommendations on how to bring your baby back to an off the lot performance.

Outside of the wear and tear, the number one cause of part failure is often fluid wear out or contamination. Fluid wears out and needs to be replaced. Putney’s is a certified “BG Products” garage.

By using their full line of products designed to clean and condition your vehicles vital fluids and their components, they can restore and extend the life of your vehicle. The BG products service plan includes, “The Lifetime BG Protection Plan” for FREE!

Find out more at “putneys.ca” where they have you covered from front to back! Putney’s Brake and Alignment 574 Wentworth Street North, Hamilton’s Family Garage since 1964! Come Find Out Why!

Keep your vehicle on the road longer and avoid that new car payment.

Improve vehicle performance and keep your vehicle on the road longer with regular vehicle maintenance. At Putney’s Brake and Alignment our BG protection plan covers your vehicle. There are maintenance services outline in each vehicles owner’s manual that indicate when certain services should be performed to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.

This can include engine oil changes, fuel system flush, power steering system service, brake service and more. Our team has completed training and are certified BG facility! Visit us today to learn more about our services and speak with a service advisor about how you can potentially save hundreds on vehicle repairs.

As the message says above, with prices on the rise for new vehicles, it may make more sense to complete whatever maintenance is required on your current vehicle, to keep it safe on the road for years to come.

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