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Avoid Water Pump Cavitation

Cavitation of your cooling system is like a heart attack for your car.

Cavitation happens as the water pump impeller spins super fast. Then tiny vapor bubbles are created. When these little bubbles collapse, they create an intense shock wave. Over time, these shocks actually start to damage the surfaces on the water pump and can result in failure.

In fact, the most prevalent mechanical failure involves the cooling system. To put that in perspective, the most prevalent  overall vehicle failure is tire related.   Cooling system engineers are constantly working on pump designs, different cooling system materials, and coolant formulations to reduce the trouble. Don’t be discouraged that the options above may be out of your control, there are certainly some things you can do as well to ensure the longevity of your water pump system.

One thing is to use the car maker recommended coolant/antifreeze. It will have features that work well with the water pump and other components of your cooling system. It is formulated to resist the creation of vapor bubbles and has additives that protect internal surfaces from cavitation damage.

Also, it’s vital to correct all cooling system leaks ASAP. Even minor leaks mean that the proper cooling system pressure cannot be maintained, allowing vapor bubbles to develop. All ratty cooling system parts, like the water pump, radiator pressure cap, and thermostat, should be replaced with quality parts.
If you observe any cooling system troubles like overheating, a cooling system warning light, or visible coolant leaks, bring your car in to Putney’s Brake and Alignment Service for a cooling system inspection. We’ll test the coolant for both the proper protection setting (coolant/water mix) and the proper pH level to protect your cooling system components. Putney’s Brake and Alignment Service qualified technician can get to the bottom of the trouble and carry out the necessary repairs for Hamilton drivers.

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