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Antifreeze the Life Blood of your Car!

Get The Gunk Out!

The Engine Coolant or Antifreeze is a vital component in keeping your vehicle running smoothly year after year.  It keeps your engine running at just the right temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside and is an important part of your comfort zone inside the car.  Over time contaminates will deteriorate the effectiveness of your engine coolant and may turn it acidic.   When this happens your used-up coolant can start to eat away at seals, gaskets, and other parts in your engine and cooling system.   Acid?  (Picture the movie “Alien” when the creature’s drool burns through three floors of the ship!)

How can we protect our engines from being eaten from the inside out?

It is recommended that you replace your coolant every 2 years or 60000km.  The B.G Coolant Maintenance Service has a special cleaner that when added to your old coolant breaks down deposits in the cooling system and encapsulates them. Then a system-wide vacuum flush of your old fluid removes most of the deposits throughout your vehicle and then our special coolant equipment installs fresh OEM grade fluid under vacuum to remove any air pockets in the system and then the B.G. Coolant conditioner is added to revitalize seals and gaskets and help prevent acidic build up in the future.  Treat your car right and it will last a lifetime!

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  • Coolant loss
  • Temperature increase
  • Hose failure
  • Leaks
  • Hard starting


  • Clean debris from the cooling system
  • Remove rust, scale, and sludge from cooling system fins
  • Clean rust from coolant lines
  • Replenish depleted coolant additives
  • Equalizes the PH balance of the coolant.


  • Better cooling system function
  • Longer coolant life
  • Increased vehicle performance
  • Less chance of overheating
  • Less chance of component and seal breakdowns

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