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All Season Tires in Central Hamilton, ON

If you’ve been searching for “all season tires near me” in the Central Hamilton area of Ontario, you should contact Putney’s. We have a wide range of all-season tires available, including many different brands. But are all season tires right for you and your vehicle?

The Benefits of All Season Tires

Many Ontarian drivers choose all season tires because they provide good performance in all weather conditions. All season tires were first innovated in the 1970s. To create a tire that could handle any weather conditions, engineers and designers had to sacrifice some other attributes.

All seasons can handle hot, dry roads. They can handle wet weather, too, but slick surfaces can always be a problem. You should take care and drive safely in the rain regardless of what tires you use.

All seasons are also good in cool temperatures, but there is a limit. They begin to lose traction as the temperature dips below seven degrees Celsius. This means that, while all seasons are great for driving over leaves in autumn and muddy roads in spring, they may not be great for winter driving.

All Seasons vs. Winters

Some figures indicate that 49% of Canadian drivers try to use all seasons in winter. At Putney’s, we advise our clients against this. Cold weather causes the rubber compounds in these tires to stiffen, and this results in longer braking distances. Winter tires also have special tread designs to help them grip cold roads.

All season tread patterns are great for offering traction on dry roads and for stopping quickly when it’s hot out. So, while winter tires are best suited to give you the performance you need in those cold Central Hamilton winters, all seasons are a fine choice for spring to autumn driving.

All seasons vs. Summers

There is another kind of tire offering, though: summer tires. Some drivers prefer specially designed tires for summer driving. Summer tires give you great traction for sharp turns and handling when the asphalt has been heated up by the summer sun.

Summer tires are a personal choice. If you want great handling and the highest performance possible, you may prefer to switch to summer tires come June. But all season tires perform just fine in summer, as well.

It’s not the same situation as in winter. Cold weather, snow, and ice are driving hazards. That’s why snow tires are demonstrably safer than all-weather tires in the coldest months, so the debate over all season and winter tires is different than that between all seasons and summer tires. You can also switch between all three over the course of the year to maximize tread life.

“Are there all season tires near me in Central Hamilton, ON?”

Yes, there are! If you’re looking for all season tires near you in Central Hamilton, Putney’s can provide you the tires you need to handle all road conditions.

If you would like to book an appointment to have all seasons installed on your vehicle, you can do so here. To learn more about all season tires, or our other products and services, you can contact us via our website or call us at 905-523-7535.


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