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Auto AC Repair in East Hamilton, ON

AC Service and Repair

You can survive if your car’s air conditioning isn’t working. But it certainly doesn’t feel that way if your car’s AC is on the fritz from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving. AC problems could also be indicative of larger auto problems.

If you’ve been searching, “Car air conditioning repair”, “Vehicle AC problems”, “Car AC repair near me”, or something similar, we can help. At Putney’s, we don’t just want to make sure your car works, we want you to enjoy driving it. That means we want to make sure your car’s AC is working.

“Can I get car air conditioning repair near me in East Hamilton, Ontario?”

You can! At Putney’s, we provide auto air conditioning maintenance and repair services. We can get you feeling cool again during the hot summer months in Southern Ontario. But what causes air conditioning problems and how do technicians fix them?

Vehicle air conditioning systems need maintenance and repair just as any other part of your vehicle

You could be forgiven for thinking a malfunctioning air conditioner is no big deal if you notice the issue in late September. After all, we don’t get many hot days in East Hamilton from October to May, so do you really care if your car’s AC isn’t working properly? You can just roll down the windows on those first few warm days of spring, right?

Sure this might be an easy solution in the early spring months but summer can creep up on us fast. We might get one last blizzard in mid-April and by mid-May it’s 25 degrees and the sun is blazing through your windshield. It’s then you’ll curse yourself for not bringing your AC in for service when you noticed the problem back in September.

That’s why it’s important to bring your vehicle to our East Hamilton auto shop as soon as you notice an issue with your air conditioner.

AC problems aren’t always just AC problems

Automobiles are complicated. They’re full of interconnected parts. A problem with your car’s air conditioner might not be isolated to your AC at all. We know it’s foolish to ignore something like the check engine light, but the same is true of ignoring a malfunction air conditioning system, because who knows what could go wrong next.

The expert technicians at Putney’s can inspect your car’s AC when you notice something’s wrong. This will minimize the chances of the problem getting worse. Our technicians can evacuate the refrigerant, recharge the system according to factory specifications, and execute any other necessary services.

Vehicle AC service

The skilled technicians at Putney’s can inspect your air conditioning system and evaluate the situation when something goes awry. We can do any of the following procedures to ensure that your vehicle has a steady supply of cold air:

  • Check components for damage
  • Inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt
  • Check the air conditioning compressor
  • Evacuate the refrigerant from the system
  • Check the system for refrigerant leaks
  • Recharge the system according to factory specifications
  • Replace dirty air filters that block air flow

Come to Putney’s for auto air conditioner service and repair in East Hamilton, ON

If you’re concerned about the status of your car’s AC, come to Putney’s and we’ll inspect it. To book an appointment for air conditioning repair, or for any other service, please click here. To learn more about auto AC systems, or our other services and products, you can contact us via our website or call us at 905-523-7535

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At Putney’s we can provide you and your vehicle a full range diagnostic, maintenance and repair services including engine, cooling, brakes, steering, suspension and vehicle electronic/electrical systems. We continue to provide the friendly and helpful customer service experience just like Frank did in 1930 and strive to use up-to-date training, tools and equipment to meet the needs of your modern vehicle’s ever advancing technologies.

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