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John Cote

Service Manager

John is a seasoned service advisor with a vast automotive knowledge base. Dedicated to Customer Service and Satisfaction, John will deliver the Putney’s Experience every time and will ensure our customers are the most informed car owners in the Hammer. John is a family man and a local race car enthusiast.


Louis Mooney

Senior Automotive Technician

A life-long member of Putney’s Crew! Louis came to work for Doug at seventeen and has remained a key element of the company’s success for almost fifty years. Starting out pushing a broom, Louis worked his way up quickly. He attended school and worked nights to earn a 310B license. His knowledge and expertise with steering and suspension components have earned him a well-deserved reputation as the Best Alignment Technician in Hamilton. His problem-solving has successfully appeased many customers that came to Putney’s on a referral from another repair garage. When other mechanics say “I know a guy!” They are probably talking about Louis. Louis doesn’t like to admit it but he is an excellent mentor to our fresher staff members.


Regan McNeil

Licensed 310S Technician

Regan came to the Putney’s Crew in 2012 as one of the many High School Co-op Students we have sponsored over the years. She worked her way through the 310S Apprenticeship program and has earned the Inter-provincial  Red Seal 310s Technician Certification. From the first day, she showed a passion for the industry and was offered an apprenticeship before her Co-op placement was complete. Regan is committed to being our Steering, Suspension, and Alignment Specialist into the next generation of Automotive challenges.


All The Single Ladies… Uh uh oh

Jaskaran Singh

Jaskaran Singh

Licensed 310s Technician

Jaskaran ‘Jo-Jo’ Singh came to work for us in April 2019 after graduating from the Mohawk College Motive Power 2-year program. He was signed up and has now completed his 310S Apprenticeship program obligations and is now a licensed 310S Interprovincial Red Seal Licensed Technician. Jo-Jo strives to be a problem solver with advanced training in engine and electrical diagnostics, BG Automotive Maintenance services, and repairs to steering, suspension, and braking systems.  JoJo is an avid Car Show enthusiast and competitor.

Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Licensed 310s Technician

Jason Moore came to work for us as a Co-Op Student from Churchill High School in 2018 and was signed up as an O.Y.A.P. apprentice in January 2019.  He had completed his apprenticeship obligations in the spring of 2023.  He wrote and passed his 310s Automotive Technician exam and has acquired the interprovincial Red Seal. As an apprentice, Jason has continuously taken extra training in electronics diagnostic and as a licensed technician, he shows great skill in problem-solving and troubleshooting hard-to-solve automotive mysteries while still being a very efficient technician in automotive repair and maintenance service.

Ethan Stire

Ethan Stire

Licensed 310s Apprentice

Ethan came to work for us as a Co-Op Student from Churchill High School in 2017 and after graduation signed on as a 310s apprentice in July 2018 and is currently finished with his apprenticeship obligations and is preparing for his 310s Technician exam. Ethan is proficient in all aspects of automotive repair and maintenance service and has amassed a strong knowledge of engine and electrical diagnostics. Ethan has consistently taken upgrading and additional training to improve his knowledge base.

Melissa Raposo

Licensed 310s Apprentice 3rd Year

Melissa Raposo is our latest employee to join Putney’s Crew.  Coming onboard as an O.Y.A.P. Co-Op Apprentice in 2021 Melissa attended both Cathedral High School and Mohawk College earning her High School Diploma and college trade credits at the same time. Now entering her 3rd year of the 310s technician apprenticeship.  She is an enthusiastic person who is at the beginning of a life-long career in this ever-changing industry.

Paws The Neighbourhood Cat

A.K.A -Supreme Commander

The Legend is Real!  Paws lives in a happy home a couple of doors from Putney’s.  He is usually the first to meet us at the door in the morning.  He is great at lifting the spirits of the crew and the clients.  He has no formal training but is a huge asset to the team, gets paid in scratches behind the ear and is the only one with a trending social media hashtag  #PawsTheNeighbourhoodCat


Paul Crossman


Literally growing up in the pits from a toddler to a teenager, Paul came back to work in the family business in 1992 after attending Sheridan College’s Business Administration program. As Service Manager Paul Learned from the most experienced mentors in the industry and by spending many nights and weekends upgrading his automotive experience.  Bringing the Co-Operative learning model to the business Putney’s began creating relationships with the local secondary school boards to educate and bring high school students into the automotive trades.  Paul and the Crew have consistently moved the company forward with the changes in the industry and kept the quality service up to date and a vital resource for other local repair shops. Paul purchased the company from Doug Crossman, his father and mentor in 2008. Paul is an active local Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Hamilton Stoney Creek and has been a parent/mentor for local FRC robotics teams, a former chair and board member for Crime Stoppers of Hamilton, and a Scouter for a few Hamilton Scout Groups. You may also recognize him as a volunteer with numerous events over the years. He can currently be found as the customer shuttle driver, car washer, blogger, and many random support staff positions as required. (He makes coffee and brings the cookies!)

You can reach Paul directly by email


Donald Richmond

Relief Pitcher - Retired but on call!

Don is a long-time industry workhorse. Holding multiple ‘red seal’ automotive licenses and working on many aspects of the automotive industry. Don joined the Putney’s Crew as the service manager in 2008 and had been the smiling face at the front counter until 2022 when he turned the desk over to John. Don retired for about two weeks and then returned on a part-time basis to keep us in line.  A Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces Don still has the energy of people half his age. Don’s knowledge, cheerful demeanor, honesty, and straightforward approach have made him a huge asset to our clients and our company.



Douglas Love

Senior Automotive Technician - Retired but on Call!

The second longest serving employee of the Putney’s Crew. Doug came to work at Putney’s in the early 1980’s until 1992 and came back to the family in 1997. He holds both a Class 310S and Class 310T license allowing him to work on cars, pickups, buses, and transports. A skilled electrical expert he is very often found diagnosing complicated vehicle electronic issues with A.B.S., air conditioning, engine run ability, and control systems. Doug is also well-trained in performing M.T.O safety inspections and repairs on all kinds of vehicles including trailers. He is our go-to technician for diagnosing brake issues and vibration and noise concerns. Doug is currently taking a much-needed break and although we are not saying the ‘R’ word he may just be heading for the greener pastures.

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