58th Scout Group – Recycling Initiatives

58th Scouts Recycle

58th Scout Group – Recycling Initiatives


The supplied O.E.S. Bin at 10:00 am on Saturday Morning

Leading up to the Hugely Successful Used/Obsolete/Broken Electronics Drive with the 58th Scout Group on June 24th, 2017.  The staff and management of Putney’s Brake and Alignment received many donations of items over the counter for the last 6 months and managed to fill a small trailer full.  The week before the event the volunteers from Putney’s staff visited the homes of many Hamilton citizens and collected a great deal of items which we sorted and delivered to the event held at Lowe’s Home Improvement at Barton and Woodward.  The items collected more than filled the O.E.S. supplied transportation bin. We are not done yet!  Putney’s will continue to be a drop off location until the next event in the fall of 2017.

The donated items are being properly disposed of in the most economical way.  The items are shredded into very small particles and sorted into raw materials where they are resourced for new electronic devices.  The O.E.S. Recycle My Electronics Website describes it best.

The Scout Volunteers hand sorting and filling O.E.S. Bin

We are able to receive your items Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

What can we accept at Putney’s?  Almost any home electronics will be accepted on behalf of the 58th Hamilton Scout Group and the O.E.S.  We will also recycle scrap metal. We will take Liquor, Beer and Wine Bottles and Cans.  Used Wine Box bladders, Canadian Tire Money to replace and build up group camping gear and event equipment.

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